We are having a clearance sale of our 2021 olive oil to get ready for what is shaping up to be a good harvest in 2023.

Our 2021 oil has a best before date of April 2023. We are legally required to display a best before date of 2 years from harvest, but we know that it remains as good as it was when it was bottled. This is because we store it in ideal conditions here at our farm.

In fact, we are still using some 2019 oil. It has lost some of its flavour now, but it remains excellent. We expect the 2021 oil to be fully flavoured until the end of 2023 at least.

So here is your opportunity to buy our 2021 oil at discount prices.

Award Winning Quality

Our premium quality oil has won at the renowned International Olive Oil Awards 2021.


Most sold signature style Tierney Lane olive oil from our premium harvest in 2021.


This oil is made with a larger ratio of green (unripe) olives, giving it a wonderful peppery & fruity flavour.

Ecologically Grown

Sustainable Agriculture

Hand Harvested

Family & friends hand picked

Cold pressed

Retain more nutrients

Premium quality

Award winning Oil

”Your oil is up there with the best from Tuscany. It takes me back there!”

– Guido Rivai

Tuscan Australian

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