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Community Harvested By Hand

The olives make a great playground for our grand-nice with our son-in-law
Our daughter and Pete´s sister using the hand held shaker
Friends helping with pruning
Marcus and Pete labelling the tins
Peter and his son in the olive grove together
A helping hand with pruning and harvesting
Even a broken leg can't stop our daughter and her niece
Peter during harvest on a nice cool morning
One of Raff´s first days on the ground as a young puppy
Mandy during pruning
Removing leaves and twigs before going to the press
Our nephew helping with harvesting

Ecologically & Sustainably Managed

Spiders are a great ally in the grove, helping with insect pests
Kangaroos have their home in our grove
Lots of spiders help with pest control
Wattle flourishes in the grove, fixing nitrogen and attracting a range of insects and birds
The grove is nestled in the hills, surrounded by beautiful native bushland
Our biological insect control in action. A praying mantis with a juicy grasshopper

“We can't wait for you to taste the difference.”

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